Hi, I'm Pierre!

I am a photographer based in South Florida. If you look through my lens, you’ll see I truly love documenting some of the most intimate and unforgettable moments that people live.Photography is my calling in life and it’s deeply fulfilling for me. More importantly, I care about serving my clients and their families by giving them the greatest tangible and timeless gifts they could ever receive... Photographs capturing perfect moments locked in time.I genuinely care about every one of my clients. I want them to have an amazing experience on their wedding day, both on and off camera. With my expertise and amicable personality, I’ll make the experience feel effortless on the client-end.

Nakita Portrait Shoot
Graduation Photos
Engagement Photos
Fitness Shoot
Street/Landscape Photography
First Year
The W. Family
Blue Ridge
Ft. Lauderdale Beach
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